How to Accessorize a Flower Girl

You've got the dress... now it's time to complete the look! A flower girl obviously needs a dress, but there are so many finishing touches to consider.

1. Hair accessories: Choose a hair accessory that complements the flower girl's dress and the overall wedding theme. Options can include floral crowns, headbands, hair clips, or bows. Ensure that the hair accessory is comfortable and securely attached to the hair. We love a dried flower crown - it's already preserved as a special keepsake.

2. Jewelry: Keep the flower girl's age in mind when selecting jewelry. Simple and delicate pieces such as a necklace, bracelet, or earrings can add a touch of elegance. Avoid jewelry that may be uncomfortable or pose a safety risk. Pro-tip: don't put anything you aren't comfortable losing on your child!

3. Shoes: Select comfortable and age-appropriate shoes that match the dress. Consider the venue and weather conditions when choosing between flats, sandals, or ballet slippers. Ensure that the shoes fit properly and are easy for the flower girl to walk in. We love a ballet flat!

4. Bouquet or flower basket: Depending on the wedding style, the flower girl can carry a small bouquet of flowers or a flower basket. Coordinate the flowers with the wedding theme and colors. Ensure that the bouquet or basket is lightweight and easy for the flower girl to hold.

5. Sash or belt: If the flower girl's dress allows for it, consider adding a sash or belt to accentuate the waistline or add a pop of color. Choose a sash or belt that complements the dress and ties in with the wedding color scheme.

6. Gloves: For a more formal or vintage-inspired look, gloves can be a charming accessory. Opt for gloves that are comfortable and fit properly. Consider the length and style of the gloves based on the flower girl's age and the dress design.

Remember to keep the flower girl's comfort and safety in mind when selecting accessories. It is important to choose items that are age-appropriate, lightweight, and easy to wear throughout the wedding ceremony and festivities.

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